In the town where I was born...

Actually, there's not much to say about Oakland. It's scary at night. They have big hospitals.

 Mostly, I just wanted to start off with a Beatles quote and I couldn't think of a way to work Cranberry Sauce into a title. 
Life is good on the hill, however we are getting so restless. The more we talk to friends and family about our desire to be in ministry (missions), the harder it is to wait for it! I know God's timing is perfect... 
The best part about being here are the people (and no, I'm not just saying that in case someone actually reads this). Sometimes the work sucks. sometimes. Sometimes the weather is annoying. Sometimes I miss home too much. Then we go to bible study or have a movie night. This makes it worth being here. 
Hurray for new friends that share a desire to serve God and know Him better.

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