When you finally start getting used to people they leave. I'm sad. Sok, I know God knows what he's doing with them. The silly Dachtlers are moving back to The great white north. North Dakota, That is. I stole Ada for a while to get some picture time before they took her away forever. 
Steve and I have grown just a little att
ached. To all of them.

I know the Lord is taking them where He wants to. Blessings.
love you all!


To live is Christ

Spent the evening talking to one of my heros last night. My sister. She's an amazingly motivated woman. It's crazy to me that she's single. I guess God's saving the right one for her. He'd better be freakin' amazing. I miss her. Talking about friends, Jonas Armstrong and all things Robin. 
Not only is she one of the most ridiculous, she's one of the most Godly and inspiring people I know. 26 and in full time missions, working and living in the biggest city in the world (NY) all while getting her M-Div. Crazy woman. 

Ok that's all... should'a called this one "ode to Jen"