So someone out there knows me...

SO, someone designed a shirt with me in mind. Rain. Teal and Dandelions. I bought it and made it my own. <3
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Messing with Picasa

So I'm messing with Picasa and, also I made this bag.
good times.
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Be Jealous, Katie.

SO we went to the amazing Redlands Farmer's Market and it was oh so lovely. We had plenty of time so Steve enjoyed a yam, and some candy-coated pecans.

Next we went shopping for Delightful Fresh fruit and veggies.

For Dinner, I got a Gyro. It was good as always and I got tatziki all over my pants as always. We sat on a bench and listened to a crooner sing cover songs of Van Morisson and Norah Jones. He was surprisingly good.

Next, we met up with the young lovers at our favorite southern Cali Coffee House: Augies.

Yummy beverages all around.

A good time was had by all.


Wanting to be at peace.

I can't quite decide how I feel at this moment. I am happy for the rain. Speaking to far away friends via phone is both refreshing and a blunt reminder that they are just that. far away. I want them to be close. but. I am here. I sound all whiney and baby-like. It's true. I just want to know what I'm supposed to do. I want to know where God is leading. I want. I want. Um yeah. conundrum.


More Work

Because I don't actually do useful things...


My sis posted this and it made me smile...


What I've been up to...

SO Kristen has been inspiring me to get multi-media-y. Good times. She's teaching me the ways of photoshop and dreamweaver. I'm so excited. tahquitzpines.org will never bee the same Here are a few of my latest photos. Little do they know, they're destined for great things.


God is...

Interesting. Surprising. Loving.

It is so very strange to me what He allows us to have. get ourselves into. go without... It seems every time I think I've got it figured out, I know what I need etc... He reminds me that that's just silly.
Things that have brought this to my attention:
-People are coming through all over the place to help us get the bronco to Nebraska.
-We can afford an espresso machine for Steve's birthday.
-We are content where we are. For the most part.
-We found friends here.
-We CAN live without the lame-wad amazing friends that we found (not that we want to).
- It rained when I was sick and depressed (for most, that sucks, but for me it's God speaking peace right to me... I <3>

There's much more, but it's dinner time and time to go hang out with the lame-wad amazing friends we have left.


Of Shoes and Ships and Ceiling Wax...

I've recently discovered that idle time is not my favorite thing. As much as I thought I enjoyed being lazy, I get so ancy just sitting around. So lately I've been crafty.
Bare with me, these are cell phone pictures.

 Stuff I've made: 
-Shirt (from super large threadless shirt)
-Fabric scarf (first try)
-Green dress (from scratch)
-Pink dress (from pillow case)
-2 crocheted hats

So there you have it. She's Crafty.