God is...

Interesting. Surprising. Loving.

It is so very strange to me what He allows us to have. get ourselves into. go without... It seems every time I think I've got it figured out, I know what I need etc... He reminds me that that's just silly.
Things that have brought this to my attention:
-People are coming through all over the place to help us get the bronco to Nebraska.
-We can afford an espresso machine for Steve's birthday.
-We are content where we are. For the most part.
-We found friends here.
-We CAN live without the lame-wad amazing friends that we found (not that we want to).
- It rained when I was sick and depressed (for most, that sucks, but for me it's God speaking peace right to me... I <3>

There's much more, but it's dinner time and time to go hang out with the lame-wad amazing friends we have left.

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