The Koch's Epic Transventure

So my Brother has been blissfully wed for 2 months now. Guess I should post a few pictures. Here are the beginnings of our biggest adventure yet...

Couldn't sleep, too excited. left at 5am.

Sunrise as we head down the mountain.

First stop for gas.

We left headed north.

To Nevada.

Probably the most gaudy building on the planet.

Gas station where Wall-E lived.

Tune in next time for more adventures... <3>


Farming the Market 2.0

Took the gang back to the farmer's market. ThePete's first trip.

On the way, we stopped to get water from the fresh mountain stream only to discover it had been damned up due to a bacterial outbreak. bummer. Ah well, photo opp.

We stopped to pet the SPCA kitties and puppies.

While waiting for us, Peter unknowingly posed for a few model shots.

The fresh fruit and vegg was in high form. We enjoyed a few samples.

We took a little time to check out the band. They were actually quite good! Their singer was a crooner who looked more like he should be wrapping. weird surprise.

The vendors where well stocked with all sorts of nonsense. The food was wonderful (no surprise there).

Steve and I took turns taking pictures of a cool building.



I love cotton candy... so did this little girl.

Of course, we stopped in at Augie's. Just can't get enough. David ordered some weird coffee version of a black and tan and promptly got it all over his face.

Steve got a drink that he called "the man drink". espresso over ice.

We got some candied pecans and peanuts.

And this crazy melon called an "Israeli melon". It smelled amazing. We spent a bit of tim making "smellin' the melon" jokes.

All in all, good times.