Our second attempt at seeing the animals.

Not too long ago Steve and I went back to San Diego's Wild Animal park to take another stab at seeing the animals. Our last adventure? We made it as far as the Gorillas (3 exibits in) and had to rush Steve to the hospital for a severe migraine. yuck.
This time we had much success!

We Found lots of pretty things to buy that were over priced.

And some that just weren't so pretty.

Steve Got to meet the Crown Victoria Pigeon from Africa.

The Local signage was quite hilarious.

We got to meet a new baby Elephant. Some of the Elephants in the exhibit had been rescued from a zoo in Switzerland that could not take care of them. If the WAP had not taken them in the other zoo's only option was to shoot em!


I found this lil guy by Steve's truck. I like him. I think I'll call him Mortymer. <3


Continuing with the updating.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't shown a lot of the latest Koch-tacular adventures. so sorry to be a downer. I realize that the joy and excitement my life-altering blog brings each one of you is something I shouldn't mess around with, so I will attempt to be more obedient with my frequent posting.

In all seriousness. I just might try.


To those of you still bothering to read this...

I Love you all.
When I forget that there are people in the world who are loving, honest and excited about life, one of you crazies comments on my blog or sends me a text reminding me that there is an amazing God who gave me a purpose (maybe even a special purpose... The Jerk anyone?) and loves me very much more then I could even imagine.

So thanks.


Steve got his truck

and he loves it.
I like that it's teal, well of course I do <3

If you haven't heard...

We're moving.
To modesto.


New cooking ventures.

Helping out in the Kitchen at Tahquitz has brought on some adventurous new experiments...

Vegan Food...

Vegan Oat Rolls

Vegan Banana Muffins

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

I did, in fact, make them all myself and they were quite yummy :)