Tate <3

Two days before we waved goodbye to Idy we headed down to our favorite watering hole.
(Higher Grounds Coffee Shop)
"after hours" with some of the best people you'll ever meet. Here is the account.

Most of the photo credit for this event is due to ThePete and his Epic Paparazzi abilities.

Baby Miles was good as always. Especially when Sarah would sing "tiny Dancer".
Steve Actually Held him at one point but made it very clear that he only liked THESE kids. He doesn't want any... right...

I believe the star of the night was Jack's good mood. Pretty awesome.

He and Steve shared some rare moments...

Sniffing the tea.

chatting about philosophy.

A weird face hold out contest.

Our Drinks were brought to us by the beloved barista baby Dave. With Faithful assistant TJ.

Bowden and Lucy were of course well behaved and entertaining.

Some Random Peter Paparazzi shots...

Lucy's Story of the poor cold kitty... who needed a blanket... that she made out of a cup... that became a slide to celebrate her birthday...
needless to say I got lost after that.

Josh and Miles...

We'll miss this place

Later in the evening, the boys decided to seranade us with Disney songs.

Some Shots of the summer staff.

The "big Finish" of the evening was a group photo. Here are a few:

Whew! That was a hefty one! If you make it down here at the end, good for you.
I love these people and can't wait for my next chance to see them all again.