On leaving the "Hill People"...

Been back for almost 5 days. Still no jobs. Longest Steve's ever been "out of work". Kinda weird. For those of you who read this, you know we bought a '65 Ford truck. Some of you may not know that it is stuck in Banning CA at a transmission shop.
Got a call from the guy today. Trans is a gonner. Means lots of money.
We're still in the unemployed bracket. with 20,000 others in our county. yuck.
God has been and IS faithful. And still blesses me with no stress.
Possible job for me at our Church! Be praying!
Our family has been amazing.

Steve and I search on for jobs non-stop since we got here.
He's at church tonight checking out the High School ministry.
The long day of job searchin' has me tuckered out so I sit at home trying to pretend I'm not getting sick. and blogging. <3

So It's a sad thought to think we left anyone behind. Here are a few pictures from our last adventures.
First Off: Dinner with the Tates. More to follow on this one, Still waitin' on the computer to be all set up. We finally got to meet baby Miles! Hurray for this :)
He is the cutest (just like the other perfect lil tater tots)

After a year, Steve and Jack the Fox finally bonded. According to Sarah, now his poor lil heart will be broken. snif.

Steve bought me a new tripod for my b day. It was actually a surprise and everything. Good job Steve <3 Here are a few shots from Tahquitz.

So there's a lil taste. Miss you all. So very much. I wanna go see Where the Wild Things Are!

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