And As I End the Refrain...

Thrust home!

If you haven't read Cyrano DE Bergerac, that was lost on you. So sorry.

I have been feeling a desire to share my true feelings for...blogger.
Oh the age of Technology, How I am blessed to have you!

On many occasions, These personal, heart-felt and often raw "status updates" we all call blogs are my inspiration and motivation.

It is so nice to be able to check in on those I miss dearly and to get to read of new adventures and rants of my near/not-so-near and dears. Even those that I see and "chill" with on a regular basis tend to share with a special openness when they are cloaked in the safety of the written word.

To all those local, in the far reaches of the blustery mid-west, unnaturally sunny southern Cali, the gorgeous wine-soaked northern Cali and the far east (well NY is far): I love you and am so blessed to have your wise words. Blog on PLEASE! It is my entertainment and often my link to sanity.


oh yeah? Tell me something I don't know.