My family doesn't do things normally...

That being said, We waited til Jan 9th to do Christmas. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.
We took a trek up to Sutter Creek California. All 11 of us: (the dog is treated like a person, so he's included in the tally) 5 kids, 3 significant others- AKA newest "kids", and 2 parents.

Here's sutter:

Here's us:

The "kids" decided to go on a walk to the town.

Newlyweds are the Cuteness <3
We stopped for coffee. Not that great, but a nice place.
The ladies got Italian sodas

Faces of the men.
Thepete decided it was modeling time.

Jen joined in.

The self-titled "brotha's Steve"

My Lovely sis-in-law Amelia

my heart.

Thepete found a worm. Hasn't changed much in 20 years...


  1. Yay for another successful family adventure! Great pics! I didn't know ya'll had blogs! Good to find! I have one too now...

  2. Bec- do you realize the font color of your blog comments is so dark it doesn't show up? You have to highlight to be able to read what others said.

    That's a lot of work. I'm a simple stalker. I like things to be easy :)

    Thanks for the shout-out in your blog above! We miss you guys too!


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