Within Your Power...to Act

I love the way the Lord works.

Steve And I spent the week of Easter on a trip to Colonial Vicente Guerreo (South Baja Mexico)
I cannot presume to unload the entirety of our adventures in blog form, but I will take a que from others who have attempted to recap and throw it out there in a few sentences... and a ton of pictures...

2 caravans.
The Vans: 10 15-passenger vans full of eager students and staff.
The Trucks: 5 monsters pulling trailers with all our supplies.
I was in a truck and Steve was in a van.
The trucks are rad... that's all I'm sayin'.

A chance to go camping for the first time in a while... but instead staying in a room... honestly I was so relieved..

Hanging out with crazy roommates... and discovering the cubby...

Waking up at 4:30 to attend a sunrise service in Spanish. CRISTO VIVE!

Checking out our ministry opportunities and giving the Canon a chance to shoot for the first time in too long.

Being blessed by the awesome cook staff, leadership and students... I can't say enough about how amazing you all are!!!

Steve and I led a team called the Service Team. We were in charge of helping out wherever there was a need. It was a great faith building experience! Every day we would set out not knowing what was in store, asking God to use us. Every day He would bring a need that we would have just the skills, tools, hands etc. to accomplish!

There was an earthquake... yikes!

A home was built for  a pastor and his family!

Kids were introduced to the gospel and many received Christ!

God challenged us all in so many ways.

 I was changed. God re-broke my heart for the lost and for His kingdom. He renewed a passion in Steve and me to say "Here I am! Send Me"
He reminded us of our call to serve Him.

I am so excited to be back but it was soooooo hard to leave. I know God has a special plan for us...

Pictures to follow...

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