And Now You Know the Rest of the Story...

Sorry. I've been....busy. I was doin' some stuff....
Back to: More fun with Brian and Britney...

Breakfast. I got up early to fetch Starbucks and cinnamon rolls. 
Britney made sausages and fruit. So yum.

Officer Brian joined us. If he didn't look like a creeper before...

Cut Britney's hair...

Things I love at the their house: 

Their vintage stove <3

Their fresh herb garden.

So after the munching we took Salty to the lovely dog park.

Then, off to an indoor market.

We finished our lovely trip with Cali's finest cuisine. Mexican Food.

Miss you lovelies. See you again soon??


Fun With Fredricksons

Steve' and Becky Took a trip to Napa to visit the Lovely Friends. Here is their adventure...

This was good times. Perfection. 
We made super yummy dinner.

Well... Britney did.

 Fresh Bread


The boys got excited...




Amazing squash


Jerry Was not able to join us.

Dinner was served. 
yummy bread and butter. Parm.

Britney's yummy spinach mushroom squash

And Steve's Homemade cherry pie.

We watched a movie and had fresh stove top popcorn with peanut M&Ms. 
A Rodgers family tradition.

Salty guarded faithfully against falling popcorn.

Let's not forget the homemade Mojitos.  

And  the guys ended the evening with a shot.

All in all... good times. 

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