of baseball and blog titles.

Over the last season, it has come to my attention that I do in fact still love baseball just as much as I did in my youth. Everything from the smell of the leather gloves, to re-learning how to calcuate batting averages (sorry, dad. I'll get it one of these days). It just so happens, I've spent the last 2 days being euphoric. Thank you SF. I never doubted you. After a 56 year drought (20+ of those years I've cheered for ya) the Giants have become world champs... while this is all exciting and lovely, I must admit this is not the main focus of my blog today. My outburst of sports related cheer will be swiftly followed by a bit of introspection. All this has brought about the shocking realization that I have not been living up to the reputation that the title of this blog suggests. I've not been being positive of late. I might even say I've been down right negative! sure, I have found myself being confident of a positive outcome to a ball game. I've been a faithful cheerer and supporter. But my 'real' life has been lacking zeal and passion. I have been building walls of protection rather than trusting the Lord. Expecting the worst instead of my usual hoping for the best. Honestly it is a difficult thing to realize that I am struggling in the one area where I've always been so confident. Being an optimist, for me, was always more than being positive. It is about faith, which is something that has come natural to me for as long as I can remember -Faith that God is real, that he is loving; Faith that I will be provided for; Faith that everything will be ok, in every situation. To my own surprise, I have just realized that my negative attitude is actually a lack of faith. Where do I go from here? Honestly, not sure. Just typed all that up on my phone (so that should explain the typos). Gonna spend some time seeking the Lord. Prayer and advise welcome.
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