God is SOOOO good...

I'm heading off to work (so exciting to say that!) but I wanted to let you all know of God's blessings to us of late.
The Rental company admitted their error and will be paying all damages. They also reimbursed us.

One of Steve's new coworkers is friends with the rental owners and got us a free trailer for this weekend!

My uncle offered to help Steve and they we're able to get the truck without any serious issues last night! He's home, safe and sleepin!

God has once again proven to us how big He is and how much He cares for even the littlest things in our lives. Blessing after Blessing... I'm too full!


a mention of good times and near widowdom...

So apparently there were feelings hurt at the not mentioning of the AWESOME and SUPER GREAT time we had last month with our friends the Fredricksons. What was I thinking???

In Other news... Steve got a job! What a major praise! He started work today. He's working at a Kitchen appliance installation place. Today is his first day and he seems to be enjoying it.

I'm still at the coffee shop for now but am looking for something more substantial.

It is a blessing to have the worst of the financial worries over with.

This weekend I almost lost Steve. According to Him I'm over reacting, but I'll relay what happened and let you be the judge...

Steve rented a trailer to head down and pick up his truck (sorry to all those in Idy he didn't visit... nothing personal it was a long long 2 days).
His friend with a truck didn't get off work til 11:30pm on Fri so they left around 12:30am. Got in to Banning around 8am sat, checked out the truck situation and headed to Tahquitz to pick up the tools and boxes we managed to forget during the whirlwind move.
They loaded up the truck and headed to a motel for a few hrs of sleep after a mere 29ish hours without any. 4 hrs of poor sleep later they headed out.
Immediately upon reaching 55mph on the freeway they were sure there was something wrong. No trailer breaks. it took a little work and a 180 on the I10 FREEWAY but they were able to stop the trailer from rolling and get the the shoulder. only 1 dent in the towing truck from the trailer swinging around and hitting the truck. Steve admits that if they hadn't slowed down it would've rolled and they would most likely not have made it.

around 4am they were able to get the truck towed to Barstow CA and headed home (slowly) with the empty broken trailer.

Before work this morning he went to the rental place to explain the problem with their trailer and see what they will do...
A claim was filed. who knows. Praise God they're safe.

SO yeah. good times.


October went as follows...

-We Moved back to modesto...
-Started Lookin for work
-Started working with the High Schoolers at our church.
-Went to a David Crowder Concert with a friend.
Grand as well.
-Went to a local farmer's market
For the Idy friends fyi- very different from Redlands.
Started working at the ol' coffee shop again.
Like it.
Went to a costume party and steve and I were finally able to be the Fairly Odd Parents (pictures to follow).