Life, or something like it

I decided to update yall...

We're back from Mexico. Just had a meeting for upcoming events with the High School ministry we're serving in. Super exciting summer on the way!
My mom had minor surgery that went rather well.
My lil bro's wife is due in July. I'm frantically learning to make fun toys...
The truck still isn't running but, after many-a-trip to the DMV, it's registered and ours...
Steve's waiting to hear back from Gallo Winery about a job.
I'm training to be a shift supervisor at my work
We're loving ministry and community at our church.
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Within Your Power...to Act

I love the way the Lord works.

Steve And I spent the week of Easter on a trip to Colonial Vicente Guerreo (South Baja Mexico)
I cannot presume to unload the entirety of our adventures in blog form, but I will take a que from others who have attempted to recap and throw it out there in a few sentences... and a ton of pictures...

2 caravans.
The Vans: 10 15-passenger vans full of eager students and staff.
The Trucks: 5 monsters pulling trailers with all our supplies.
I was in a truck and Steve was in a van.
The trucks are rad... that's all I'm sayin'.

A chance to go camping for the first time in a while... but instead staying in a room... honestly I was so relieved..

Hanging out with crazy roommates... and discovering the cubby...

Waking up at 4:30 to attend a sunrise service in Spanish. CRISTO VIVE!

Checking out our ministry opportunities and giving the Canon a chance to shoot for the first time in too long.

Being blessed by the awesome cook staff, leadership and students... I can't say enough about how amazing you all are!!!

Steve and I led a team called the Service Team. We were in charge of helping out wherever there was a need. It was a great faith building experience! Every day we would set out not knowing what was in store, asking God to use us. Every day He would bring a need that we would have just the skills, tools, hands etc. to accomplish!

There was an earthquake... yikes!

A home was built for  a pastor and his family!

Kids were introduced to the gospel and many received Christ!

God challenged us all in so many ways.

 I was changed. God re-broke my heart for the lost and for His kingdom. He renewed a passion in Steve and me to say "Here I am! Send Me"
He reminded us of our call to serve Him.

I am so excited to be back but it was soooooo hard to leave. I know God has a special plan for us...

Pictures to follow...


Your Mom goes to College...

it's April Fool's and I can't think of a good prank... man...

We leave for mexico tomorrow... pictures and blogging adventures to follow.

Blessings to everyone. Have an amazing Easter. He is Risen!