the show

a while ago...

The Me.

We went to The City (San Fransisco) For a concert... some pics...

Driving the Altamont.

Waiting for the Bart.




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The Me and Thepete


Josh and G on the bart

Sunset from the bart.

Walking to the show from the station
The next blog will be the show...


did a photo shoot...

took some senior pictures... what do ya think?

Took some artsy ones while I had a "willing model" lots of fun...

I feel the need to apologize to November...

What to say? It's nothing personal, Nov, I just didn't make time to record your happenings...
here's a taste...

Bare with me, these pics are from the camera phone:

Went to see Wicked in San Fransisco with Liz

Went to my cousin's concert at a famous venue in SF called Slims... Here's a shot of me on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

Been working at 5am so get to see a lot of sun rises. pretty, when I am awake enough to catch them...

Went to Vietnamese food for the first time with my mom (her and my dad's favorite). Very yummy. and good tea too.

I guess I haven't even uploaded pictures lately. That's all I got for now.