Visits. Family. Becky let loose on the World.

I recently spent a week touring the East coast with my amazing sis (like you can see it all in a week). Here are some images of what I did see.

Mr Softies Ice cream truck In NY. The businessmen flock like little kids in the summer time!

Sunset cruise in Cape Cod

Walking in the rain in Central Park

More pic of that to follow... can't find em on this computer...
Here are some more adventures...

Teaching Charlie to swim

quality time with family (notice everyone's phones)

Good times with friends

Steve and Charlie visiting me at work

Goin to the movies with the Bwoda

Kinda bugs me that the other pics aren't working, but I wanted to get some updates out there <3


  1. I MISS YOU!!!!

    WE miss you! :)

    An Idyllwild trip in October later this year??...let's make it happen.

  2. Did Charlie take to the water? Some dogs get weirded out by jumping into a pool. Others think any and all water is fine. We didn't see salty swim until we moved to Napa and she took off after a duck. And she had had lots of chances to swim while at the last two camps.

    Ya'll need to come up to Napa so we can show you what a swimming dog looks like :)


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