life is. you know? it's wonderful. stressful. pleasant. busy. annoying. to quick. smelly (you know it is). Sometimes terrible. sometimes brilliant. always blessed. 

It's true there are always decisions. Options. choices. 
Door #1 or Door # 2. It's also true that we are governed by a loving God who directs our steps. Leads us. Has ultimate control. 

How hard it is to understand, or better yet, be ok with not understanding. I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to be (as Brotha Steve would put it) Uber deep. It just hit me today that I am a complex being with a very complex life (both behind me and ahead) and I have little control (or none, depending on your view of "free will"
) in what happens. 

Not sure what the point is. not sure if there is one. I am blessed.

enough abstract, time for concrete...

So Today has been busy with plans. Making plans. changing plans. etc. We're (that is, my husband Steve and I) planning a trip to Broken Bow Nebraska for July. We were flying but that's been changed to driving. lots of driving. We're hoping to make a real road trip out of it. should be... interesting.

We're planning to give my brother our car. It's not much of a sacrifice for me, as it is one of 2, but Steve "grew up with it". it's his baby. I'm proud of him for being so willing to generously give away something so important to him. 

We're planning to work toward getting on the mission field. I guess we're more then planning. over the last 3 months it has become less of a "some day" idea, 
nd more of a "ASAP" driving need. We know we wont be satisfied in life until we're serving t
he Lord full time.


oh yeah? Tell me something I don't know.