Life, or something like it

I decided to update yall...

We're back from Mexico. Just had a meeting for upcoming events with the High School ministry we're serving in. Super exciting summer on the way!
My mom had minor surgery that went rather well.
My lil bro's wife is due in July. I'm frantically learning to make fun toys...
The truck still isn't running but, after many-a-trip to the DMV, it's registered and ours...
Steve's waiting to hear back from Gallo Winery about a job.
I'm training to be a shift supervisor at my work
We're loving ministry and community at our church.
That's all for now.

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  1. Love you! Thanks for the update, since we haven't chatted in a while : ) If you need to know how to make adorable baby blankets, let me know! You're going to be an auntie!


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