So What happened in Haiti sucks. What's happening here because of it? So far, I've been impressed. People are helping. GO FIGURE! One of my old college classmates is leaving his job with Tom's Shoes for a while to go and help however he can, The DIY site that I love (threadbanger.com) is doing a craft drive and taking donations as well as sending a staff member, Owl City (mmm good music) is doing the text donations as well as Jimmy Fallon (<3 Ya), a coworker is sending clothes, My mom organized a group of home schoolers to work for a week at Gleaning s for the Hungry in Fresno Ca. They helped package dried food and make quilts as well as gather donations. So far  the have sent out 2 semi truck containers full of food, med supplies, clothes, blankets etc. Our HS group prayed over the 3rd before they sent it out... I even saw a sign up at Panda Express accepting donations.
All this this to say... I am positively surprised by my community.

What have you done to make a difference? Tell me about it in a comment.
Need some help? Here are a few ideas:
- Gleanings for the Hungry: Gleanings.org click the "Haiti Needs Our Help" link
- Text OWL to 90999 to Donate to the Red Cross
- Help my Friend: http://www.soulrediculous.blogspot.com read about him and donate: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=276748891953
- Panda Express: http://www.pandaexpress.com/px/2010/HaitiRelief.aspx

- Thread Banger: threadbanger.com

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